Surviving Winter

It seems like an opportune time to write about some things that are getting me through the winter. Virginia winter, mind you. So for those of you living in places with REAL winter, where snow is measured in feet instead of inches: you’ll think I’m silly. But since I belong in a place with warmer weather than we currently have in the mid-Atlantic states, here are some things that will get me by until the daffodils peep through the ground.


1. Warm Boots. These boots from Sorel will keep your tootsies warm and looking decent. I love them paired with leggings (and a long sweater of course, because leggings are not pants) or skinny jeans (rolled up or with thick socks). There are a ton of different styles from Sorel – find the collection here.


2. A Great Coat. Obviously with winter comes the need to bundle up, and this Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat from J.Crew is perfect because it zips all the way up to cover your neck and chin. You can tuck your whole face in there if you want to, but you should probably leave your peepers out for seeing. This coat comes in a ton of great colors, and if you sign up for emails, you will likely be able to snag it on sale. Even better: replace one in your closet and give that to someone in need through a local organization (or find one here).

eos hand lotion

3. Hand lotion. You can find these super cheap in the travel section at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, or online here. I keep these little guys handy in my handbag, desk drawer at work, bathroom, and nightstand. I also give them to people randomly who complain of dry hands, and they make great favors for baby/bridal showers. The ‘fresh flowers’ scent is my personal favorite.

fresh lip balm

4. Lip balm. Sugar lip treatment from Fresh is the. best. I’m not a baller so I can’t hand these out to just anyone, but I highly encourage you to head to Sephora and snag one or four. Warning: you’ll never want to leave home without it.

dry shampoo

5. Dry shampoo. My hairstylist told me about this product from Moroccanoil when I requested dry shampoo recommendations. I am trying not to wash my hair every day to prolong my hair color, but also, sometimes I just really don’t want to wash my hair. Especially when it’s cold outside. This product not only gets rid of oil buildup, but it makes your hair smell amazing. AND… it comes in two shades.


6. Body moisturizer. I actually bought the small size of Love + Roses from Olivine Atelier to try based on recommendation, but I am sold on this product and will need to upgrade to the big daddy when I run out. I have been using this after every shower (after drying off) for weeks and it has kept my skin moisturized and non-itchy, even as the forced hot air is flowing and I’m piling on wool sweaters to keep warm. The scent is also light, pleasant (reminds me of Smith’s Rosebud Salve), and isn’t offensive to some of my co-workers who are perfume-sensitive.


7. Gentle face cleanser. My go-to skin cleanser is from Cetaphil. They have two types – make sure to purchase the sensitive skin cleanser if you have issues with dry skin. It doesn’t foam up like a typical cleanser and can be used after wetting your face or dry like a cold cream. Bonus: it’s inexpensive for a huge bottle that will last you until spring. Bonus II: you can use it on your body if you have really dry skin (see #6).


8. Hydration. I know how important it is to stay hydrated, especially in the winter months when the air is so dry. And yet, I despise wasting plastic water bottles at work and never end up drinking enough. Well, this BKR glass water bottle has changed all that. Seriously. It has a soft casing that will keep it from shattering, a nifty handle that you can grab on the go, and comes in three different sizes. I went with the middle-size and try to drink 4-5 bottles per day. Still probably not what my gym-rat friends would recommend but it’s better than my pre-BKR 32 oz. per day regimen. Plus, they come in a plethora of gorgeous colors.

Hopefully some or all of these products will add a little cheer to your dreary winter days as they have for me. If you’ve got any tips or favorites that aren’t mentioned, please share them in the comments. Those of us who are longing for warmer weather can use all the help we can get.



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